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Quick Facts:

  • Location: Northern Thailand
  • Status: Province
  • Population: About 757,534
  • Area: About 12,534.0 square km
  • Telephone area code: 066-052

Location on Map

Lying in the north of Thailand in the extensive river valley of the Wang River and among mountain succession, Lampang is an attractive destination for its fascinating mixture of attractions, from Bumese-designed Buddhist temples to picturesque natural landscapes and the Thai Elephant Conservation Center. Lampang covers the area of 12,543 square kilometers and consists of 13 Amphoes: Chae Hom, Muang, Hang Chat, Mae Mo, Ko Kha, Mae Phrik, Ngao, Mae Tha, Soem Ngam, Thoen, Sop Prap, Muang Pan and Wang Nua.

The capital of the province, Nakkhon Lampang, is the third largest town in the north and is the center of commerce and transportation of the country. It lies in the heart of the north, so Lampang city is also the base for interesting tours and excursions from northern Thailand. 

Lampang stands out for its unique features: it’s the only Thai town still using colorful drawn carriages for daily transport, and is the only baby elephant training school in the world. Lampang is also called “Horse Carriage City” and considered as the last paradise of Thailand.

Beside being Thailand’s major northern city with convenient rail, road and air transportation, Lampang has also been an attractive destinations with famous attractions as The Elephant Conservation Centre, is the first center to train elephants for forest work, hold the shows of elephants’ activities as working, bathing, log pushing, etc and provide elephants for tourism; Doi Khuntan National Park; Doi Luang National Park; Chae Son National Park, a charming place with natural hot springs and large waterfalls; Tham Pha Thai Forest Park which houses colorful stalagmites and a big Buddha image. Lampang also hosts various temples with the Bumese style, in which Wat Si Chum, Wat Si Bun Rueang and Wat Pa Fang lie among remaining examples. Nine out of thirty-one extant Bumese-style temples are situated in Lampang. Wat Phra That Lampang Luang impresses tourists by its traditional Lanna architecture and murals from the 19th century. Wat Phra Kaeo Don Tao, Wat Phra That Chom Ping, Wat Phra That Chedi Sao and Wat Lai Hin are also remarkable sites of the province.

Festival season is also the time to attract tourists with many interesting festivals which are long-established traditions and customs. Some popular ones are Luang Wiang Lakhon Fair, is held with local people in native attires carrying diverse traditional household tools; Khantok Chang Fair is organized in February with the elephant show; Lampang Trains and Horse Carriages Day (April) in which, there is display shows in Kat Mua market where local people dress traditional costumes; or tourists can join in a lot of ceremonies in Salung Luang Procession and Songkran Festival. Each of festival has its own characteristic points which make deep impressions to tourists.

  • Explore numerous highlights such as Wat Phanancherng, Wat Yai Chaya Mongkol, the ancient ruins of Wat Chai Wattanaram, Sukhothai Historical Park, etc
  • Take the spectacular view over the surroundings through Doi Suthep mountain
  • Understand more about local life through the visit to the handicraft villages and orchid farm
  • Visit ruins and historical park in Ayutthya
  • Enjoy a scenic boat trip to Bang Pa In Summer Palace
  • Travel around the majestic royal mansions and Wat Nivet Thammmpravat
  • Head to see the Crystal and Golden Halls of Wat Tha Sung
  • Discover the Lanna morning lifestyle at the local market
  • Take a leisurely boat trip along Mekong River and have view of local water-based life
  • Travel to the former capital Ayutthaya and pay a visit to some famous religious sites
  • Continue the way to Khampheng Phet and visit the historical park
  • Go to Sukhothai and have view of the Ramkamhaeng Museum and Wat Sri Chum with the gigantic Buddha statue
  • Leave for Ko Kah to spot Wat Phra Dhat Lampang Luang with the only Emerald Buddha
  • Discover Hill Tribe Museum and the traditional handicraft
  • Take the chance to savor delicious Thai food
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