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Nakron Sawan

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Quick Facts:

  • Location: Northern Thailand
  • Status: Province
  • Population: About 1,071,686
  • Area: About 9,597.7 square km
  • Telephone area code: 066-060

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Nakron Sawan, also called Paknam Pho, is one of important provinces of Thailand lying in the area where the Nan and Ping rivers meet to form the Chao Praya River. Being the Gateway to the Northern Region, Nakron Sawan offers a lot of scenic attractions and is noted for Bueng Boraphet, the largest freshwater marsh area in Thailand and its 'Sua' fish, a delicacy of Thai people.

Nakron Sawan province lies 240 kilometers to the north of Bangkok and covers an area of 9,597.7 sq km. It consists of 1 King Amphoe and 12 Amphoes, including Muang, Chumsaeng, Nong Bua, Banphot Phisai, Phayuha Khiri, Latyao, Krok Phra, Takhil, Tha Tako, Phasali, Kao Lieo, Takfa and King Mae Wong. Nakron Sawan used to be called Mueng Phra Bang under the Sukhothai Kingdom’s reign and thanks to its convenient location, it became a significant center in the Ayutthaya Kingdom and was the milotary base in the reign of King Taksin. And Nakhon Sawan turned into the capital city of Monthon Nakhon Sawan in 1895 under King Chulalongkorn.

Despite not being very well-known to foreign visitors, Nakhon Sawan features various attractions, from cultural and natural attractions which are outstanding wildlife and beautiful ancient temples, to large aquarium, celestial observatory and the largest swamp area in Thailand which hosts a lot of alluring species of bird and fish. Some of the most popular attractions are: Wat Chom Khiri Nak Phrot monastery with a convocation hall and the replica of Lord Buddhas Footprint are the most interesting objects; Khao Woranat Banphot (or Khao Kop) moutain, a common afternoon rest spot for the city people also the place hosting the top monastery built over 700 years ago under Lithai King and Buddha Footprints; Utthayan Sawan, a spacious public park with a small island lying in the middle of a small lake, is where to serve entertainment activities for tourists; Bung Boraphet, the largest freshwater source with various species of fresh water fish; Bung Boraphet Widlife Sanctuary or Waterfowls Park which is for recreation with many kinds of birds and wild animals; etc

For those who love Thai’s culture can come to this land in festival season. Chao Pho or Chao Mae Pak Nam Pho Procession Festival which is held every year during Chinese New Year by Thai Chinese living in Nakhon Sawan. The festival is lively with a series of processions as dragon parade, lion parade and angle procession. Boat Races for His Majesty’s Trophy is another interesting festival taking place at the end of the Buddhist Lent on the Chao Phraya River every year. There are a lot of boat races held during the festival aiming to show the unity and skill of paddlers of people. So do not hesistate to book a tour suitable for you to come to discover this beautiful land.

  • Explore numerous highlights such as Wat Phanancherng, the Historical Research Center and Wat Chai Wattanaram and Wat Pra Srisanphet, the Historical Park and the National Museum, etc
  • Discover the former royal capital, Ayutthaya with its monuments and temple ruins
  • Get insight into the daily working of local people through the visit to “fresh market” and “train market”
  • Admire picturesque natural scenery along the Chao Phraya River by long-tail boat
  • Relaxing time to admire the atmosphere in beautiful nature, swimming in sparkling water
  • Explore local products through the visit to a Mohom shirt workshop and the Sa paper production
  • Have chance to learn Thai dishes with Thai Cooking Class
  • Have chance to live in traditional Thai-style bungalow in the lush jungle
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