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Quick Facts:

  • Area: 3,298.0 km2 (1,273.4 sq mi)
  • Population: 183,849 (2011)
  • Governor: Wanchat Wongchaichana (since 2008)
  • Time zone: Thailand Standard Time (UTC+7)

Location on Map

Ranong is a scenic province located to the north of Thailand's Andaman coast. This land is known for its long rainy season which can last for approximately 8 months each year. Tourists who come here can be amazed at beautiful untouched mangrove forests and hot springs.

The province features 62 islands, with many superior beaches, perfect green forests, and energizing waterfalls. Most of them are included in national parks or natural world sanctuaries. Being a hilly and deeply forested province, Ranong’s capital city of the same name, offers a major fishing and trading port. Ranong was initially populated with the Hokkian Chinese who had left the strong influence in the town. It is also the entrance to Myanmar, with multicolored long boats and the residents crossing the slender partition that separates the two countries. Just outside of Ranong are many popular hot springs, with a large range of first-class hotels catering visitors coming for the therapeutic mineral waters.

Hot springs and Raksa Warin Arboretum may be the main reason that urges people run to Ranong. Apart about 2 kilometers from the provincial office, the hot springs have become the most well-liked tourist spot ever since 1890 when King Rama V visited Ranong. With three ordinary spring pools and the temperature remaining constant at about 65oC, the water is both drinkable and appropriate for bathing. Try this wonderful offering to ease stress and tension in a relaxing way. The Ngao waterfall, Kra Buri River, Chan Damri Beach and Elephant riding are also worth for experience in Ranong.

In Ranong, tourists can keep an eye out for men who wear their traditional longyi – Burmese sarongs as well as some marvelous street food that can give you an unforgettable flavor. Tourists who have travelled to Ranong can’t also miss the JaJaa coffee. It can be easily found around the corner from a bus stop. Sip a cup of coffee while enjoy a nice breakfast with a piece of toast, a fried egg, a small square of ham and a little sausage.

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  • Travel to Kawthaung and explore peaceful local life
  • Head to for Myauk Phyu Island and sail across the sea
  • Experience kayaking, swimming and snorkeling around the island
  • Depart to Say Tan Island and explore this tropical island
  • Set sail for Kyet Mauk Island and see hidden lagoon on the island
  • Stop at Myin Khwar Island to watch its rocky landscape – home to wild birds
  • Cross the Pakchan River in order to reach Ranong, Thailand
  • Arrive at Elephant Hills and discover natural life
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