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Each country has individual food profile which reflects its culture, tradition, ingenuity, environment and values. Referring to Thailand, we can't miss its appetizing cuisines which has been known all over the world and made the country lie in the list of "World's Fifty Most Delicious Foods" in an online poll conducted with 35,000 people in the world by CNN. It is famous for the variety of ingredients, excellent fines herbs, outstanding spices and no-end medical properties. Thai foods make impression for not only their looks, smells but also for the tastes and flavors. Almost Thai dishes are cooked and processed with diverse types of spices and herbs which are beneficial to people's health. The complex and diversity of taste senses in each cuisine including sweet, bitter, sour and spicy make it distinctive and unlike numerous others in the world. For those who wish to travel in this "Land of Smiles", Thai food is one of the things they can't miss. Every cuisine is the unique blend of seasoning. Though it often brings hot and spicy taste but it is perfectly balanced among five flavors of salty, sweet, bitter, spicy and sour, which offer distinctive taste in each dish. Some of other common seasonings are fish sauce, lemon grass, basil, dried shrimp paste, garlic, spices coriander, cumin and cardamom. The food in Thailand differs from region to region. The southern coastal regions fame for seafood, meanwhile the northeast savors the spiciest food and curries are popular in the Muslims. Let's enhance your holiday in Thailand with the list of the top of Thai food below:

Tom Yam Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup)

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Tom Yam Goong is possibly the most well-known Thai soup which is not only in Thailand but also in the worldwide Thai restaurants. It's the national aroma and the optimal dish of Thai gourmet thanks to its diverse fragrant herbs.

Pad Thai (Fried Noodle)

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Pad Thai is a fried noodle cuisine with the long history dated back to the previous centuries. It displays the genuineness of Thai culinary aptitude by using the best and fresh ingredients and best balance of the five significant flavors. It becomes well-known thanks to its yummy taste and the various choices of seasonings to fit your appetites.

Kuay Tiew (Noodle Soup)

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Kuay Tiew is a famous quick-and-easy soup noodle made from various ingredients and in different ways in different vendors, which make it the top list food in Thailand. It is served in pork, chicken or beef soup with noodle, fresh vegetables and beef, chicken, pork, duck or fish balls.

Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad)

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Som Tam is one of the best-known dishes among Thai people for its hardly sour and spicy flavors. It has its name which truly means "Sour Pounded", is a tasty salad processed from scrapped unripe papaya mixed with fresh vegetables such as tomato, raw Thai eggplant and yardlong beans.

Por Pia Tord (Fried Spring Roll)

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Por Pia Tord, which is the Thai fried spring roll, is the must-eat dish when you come to visit Thailand. Spring rolls appear in various versions in almost Asian countries such as Vietnam, China, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore. But Thai Por Pia Tord spring rolls still bring differences in flavor with a unique dip from Japanese apricot.

Geng Kheaw Wan Gai (Green Curry Chicken)

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Geng Kheaw Wan Gai (Green curry chicken) is a popular Thai dish which attracts guests not only by its colors but also by its spicy taste.

Tom Kha Kai (Chicken in Coconut Milk Soup)

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Tom Kha Kai is another popular type of Thai version's chicken soup served in almost whole family in the country. Considered as the most refreshing soup of the world, it is boiled chicken soup made by combination of stock & coconut milk with spices and herbs including thinly sliced galangal, fiery chilies, a chop of lemongrass, crushed shallots, ginger, prawn and tender chicken.

Moo Sa-Te (Grilled Pork Sticks with Turmeric)

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Moo Sa-Te is a delicious and popular cuisine of Thailand, also one of 10 Thai well-known dishes loved by foreign visitors. It is a tempting appetizer made from grilled pork stick enjoyed with a rich juicy sauce which uses curry powder and turmeric.

Mussaman Curry (Gaeng Mussaman)

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Mussaman Curry (or Muslim Curry) is the unique type of Thai curries because it tends to use dried spices for seasonings like the Indian curry. It is an appetizing dish made from abundant ingredients including coconut milk, roasted peanuts, potatoes, palm sugar, cinnamon, bay leaves, tamarind sauce, fish sauce and a mixed combination of different exotic spices.

Khao Man Gai (chicken and rice)

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Khao Man Gai is a most popular street dish which you can find anywhere in Thailand. It is cheap, short, easy-to-make and quite like Hainanese chicken and rice, the well-known cuisine of Southeast China and Singapore, from which it originated.

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