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Thailand Pre-History

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The earliest of Thailand started with the migration of the Tai people from Yunan in the 1st century. According archaeologists, basing on archaeological evidence of cooper tools, wet rice civilization have flourished in Thailand for thousand years.

Along with long lasting civilization of Malay and Mon - Khmer, agricultural development led to the establishment of some ancient kingdoms: Srivijaya in the south, Dvaravati in the central and the glamorous empire of Khmer in Angkor. Dravati Kingdom existed from the 7th to the 10th century. According to Buddha sculptures and stupas representing Dvaravati art, its major religion was thought to be Theravada, however, ruling class followed Hindu rites. Srivijaya was the most important Buddhist centre of Thailand between the 8th and 12th century. According to remnants of Buddhist statues, beads, pottery, moats, ponds and artificial islands in Karanganyar, Srivijaya’s urban centre was exclaimed to be Palembang. The strong empire of Khmer controlled the vast land of Indochina including Thailand and has had spreading influence on Thailand tradition and cultures until now.

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