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Get In Thailand By Land

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Thailand shares borders with Myanmar to the north-west, Laos in the north-east, Cambodia to the east and Malaysia to the south. Visitors can traverse any borders of these countries to get into Thailand. In company with the enhanced highway system, travel to the country by land becomes ever easier. Bus, coach, and train are among the most-selected means to set foots in Thailand.

Bus and car

It is possible to travel by bus from most of Thailand’s neighbors. Your bus will either stop at border points for immigration formalities and then continue its schedule or, conversely, complete its ultimate destination at border posts. In this case, you will have to take another bus or shared taxi in the territory of Thailand to come along.

Private vehicles (e.g. cars, vans, trucks or motorbikes) can be brought into Thailand from the country where they are registered for up to six months, provided that you have paperwork to prove your ownership, a a valid International Driving Permit, a passport, and a cash or bank guarantee equal to the value of the vehicle plus 20%. Rental vehicles are not generally allowed for drive from a neighboring country to Thailand.


The journey on a Thai train could be longer and more expensive than a voyage by bus but obviously, trains are much safer and more comfortable. You can relax on the whole trip by watching the scenery outside the train without any worry about health and unexpected accidents. 4000-km railway system can assure the visitors an efficient and pleasant way of transport. 

There are three classes of Thai train service,varying from the most luxurious trips to one  on a shoestring traveler.Therefore, even the most budget travelers can experience travelling in Thai trains. The first class features private cabins with twin sleeping compartmentsand air conditioner on some trains but requiring higher prices than flying on plane.  On the other end of the spectrum, third class is cheaper than the bus but may cause tiredness whenspending11 overnight hours.  Second class prices are equivalent to first class bus tickets, both in price and in comfort, though the train has fold down beds and it’s easier to get up and stretch your legs on the train than on a bus. 

Thai trains depart throughout the day.  Train tickets sell out well in advance for some holidays and weekends, so remember to book earlier in these periods of time. With the increasing modern system, the Thai railway promises to bring you a distinctive memory.

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