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Thailand Population

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Thailand's population in 2013 is estimated to stand at 67 million, compared to 55.2 million in 1989, according to the US Bureau of the Census. In recent years, the population growth rate has slowed down substantially, from averaged 1.05 in the years 1988-1998 to 0.5 in 2008-2013. These downturns are achieved thanks to the successful enactment of national level family planning program.

Notably, Thailand has a youthful population with overwhelming percentage of young people in the ages of 15 and 54, 60.7 percent. The powerful force of the youth, hence, plays a vital role in Thai development and helps to boost the vibrant and colorful whirl of the country’s life.

Although the majority of inhabitants reside in rural areas, approximately 40 percent of Thai population as stated by the World Bank report, the urban population is growing rapidly in accordance with fast industrialization of Thailand. Bangkok is the most populous city, hosting 6.9 million Thais.

Thailand is expected to soon become the melting pot of Southeast Asia given the increasing quantity of immigrants. Itis a major recipient of immigrants from Cambodia, Burma, and Laos. In addition, numerous registered foreigners from such other Asian countries as Nepal, India together with Western ones have pushed the number of non-nationals in Thailand to 2 million in 2008, up from about 1.3 million in the year 2000.

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