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Quick Facts:

  • Location: About 165km away from Bangkok, in Chon Buri province
  • Total Area: 22,2 km2 (8,6 mi2)
  • Population: 95,000 (2004)
  • Most famous for beautifully long beach and many entertaining activities

Location on Map

Pattaya touristy city owns a 4km long coat with a very poetic sand, blue sea and peacefully salty winds. Streets in Pattaya also favor tourists' hunger with delicious nosh sold along the two sides. Being such a world's famous destination, Pattaya is well-known as a bustling city as the dark comes out, completely different from a Pattaya in day. Bars, dance halls, casinos, and so on appear at sight, with loudly enjoyable music.

In Pattaya, there are so many marine activities, you can join fishing, sailing, water skiing, diving, etc. Also, you can play golf, hunting, racing, horse riding, and bowling or just relax peacefully on the beach, enjoy tropical fruits, Thailand cuisines, and watch the wave tapping on the beach.

Pattaya at night is most bustling, entertainment attractions go on operation and last to 2 or 3:00 am. And Southern Pattaya is the most outstanding pearl in the area thank for its diverse types of entertainment. You can witness Thailand boxing matches, go shopping along, enjoy standard dishes, join clubs, cubs, etc. You should not miss a typical “sex show” of this land. Since sex is a legal business, under the control of Thai government, it is no longer a shocking fact as you can come across sexy girls, trying to entice people on streets.

Beyond and above, Pattaya is still a party city for people looking for legal fun. Apart from the obvious choice of going to the beach to relax and swim, it is also a good choice to try some of the entertainment park in and around the land.

  • Roam around local market and discover Monkey Cliff
  • Stroll to a stonemason village and oyster farm
  • Enjoy the beautiful sights and the peace of countryside
  • Travel to the Coral Island
  • Relax and enjoy exciting activities
  • Take pleasure in the emerald blue water
  • Wonderful time to join in Coral island tour with beautiful corals and marine life
  • Relaxing time to take part in various water fames as parasailing, snorkeling, banana ride, etc
  • Enjoy Thai culture with traditional dance performances and elephant show
  • Explore the capital of Thailand, Bangkok with its finest temples as Wat Traimit, Wat Pho, Wat Benjabophit, etc
  • Unforgettable moments in Safari World Tour with a great variety of fun and entertainment
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