Thailand Ecology

Thanks to the wide range of varied topography, climates and long coastlines, Thailand has become the land of diverse biodiversity. It owns the tropical landscapes, alluring endangered wildlife, evergreen forests, marine life including coral reefs, vegetation ecosystems and coastal swamps and marshes. You also explore series of protected regions as wildelife sanctuaries and national parks in Thailand as listed below.

Thailand Biodiversity

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Thailand is one of the richest biodiversity countries in Southeast Asia. Its location amid humid climatic zone and its proximity to the Indochinese region in the North and the Sundiac region in the South support a variety of tropical ecosystem. Coastal, marine, and agricultural ecosystems cover every corner of the country, indicated in the various types of forest ranging from tropical rain forest

Thailand National Parks

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Thailand's national parks vary from remote beaches to complete nature destinations. They provide a priceless source to conserve the country's ecosystem, which is seriously threatened. Also, with enormous variation and unique attractions, they are appealing destinations to both domestic and international tourists.

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