Thailand Art Performance

Thai people love dance, theater and music. Traditional Thai art has its own charm. Much like its Southeast Asian neighbors, Thailand's performance traditions reflected the exchange of cultures between the Thais and surrounding nations. Thai art performance all have aspects drawn from Indian, Burmese, Khmer (Cambodian), Chinese, and Malay (Indonesian) traditions. However, these inspirations have been drawn into a distinct style, which now marks the classical forms of dance, and especially dance-drama, in Thailand.

Like (music drama)

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Like is the most important drama in central Thailand, a mixture of Thai traditional and classical arts. Its charms lie in the combination of extravagant costumes and myriad changes of each plays sharing the same storyline. That is to say, the performances depend mainly on the actors' skills of improvisation and the audiences' imagination.

Ram klong-yao (Long drum dance)

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Ram klong-yao is another performing art from Central Thailand as Like. Originated from the area where rice growing is prevalent and inherited the warmth and happiness of the farmers, it is performed solely for fun and relaxation on all festive occasions such as weddings, monk ordination ceremonies, etc.

Fon in the north Thailand

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The northern Thailand is the home of the world's famous Thai classical dance, the Fon. The Fon Thai has existed for hundreds of years as a performing art for the royal courts of old Siam. Nowadays, the Fon dancers perform at temples, helping to retaining the tradition.

Mo lam (folk song)

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Forgetting Mo lam must be a big mistake when talking about Thai art forms. Analogous to country and Western music in the USA, this folk tradition has a deep root in the northeastern region of Thailand known as Isaan.

Nora Dance

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The Nora is the final representative of Thai dance to complete a performing art tour around the kingdom. This southernmost dance is the oldest surviving form of Thai dance drama.

Nang Talung (Shadow puppetry)

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Shadow puppet theater is a 5-century tradition of Southeast Asia. It is first brought to the Malay Peninsula by Middle Eastern traders, and then spread to the whole region. Thailand also contributes to this art by its distinct shadow play: Nang Talung, a spectacle of the southern Thailand.

Ladyboys Shows

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It is said that you never have to worry about what to do in Thailand, the country of uniqueness. After a long day of sightseeing traditional wonders, visitors will be excited by gluing their eyes on a Thai modern art form, one of the most appealing and distinguishing cabaret show - Ladyboy shows.

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