Thailand Religions

Religion plays a vital role in Thai life. Religious belief is regarded as a moral foundation of the society, which forms the firm base for all Thai families and the whole community. It contributes to priceless values of love, freedom, and tolerance among people. Thailand reflects rich diversity of beliefs, including six religions of Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, and Sikhism. Although Buddhism is the major faith of 95 percent of the population along with strong support from the government, there is absolute freedom of other religions.

Thailand Buddhism

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Buddhism is the primary religion in Thailand with more than 90% of the population being Buddhist. Practiced Buddhism in Thailand, Theravada, is quite different from what is tentatively understood in western conception.

Thailand Muslims

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Muslim is the second largest religion of the country, making up 4 percent more or less of all Thai practitioners. The religion is mainly practiced in the South, where the majority of Malaysian descents live. This reflects the common cultural heritage Thailand's southern provinces sharing with Malaysia.

Thailand Christianity

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The Portuguese and Spanish first introduced Christianity into Siam in 16th and 17th centuries. These evangelists gained very modest achievements in persuading Thais to follow this religion. Correspondingly, the percentage of Christians here is lowest in Asia.

Thailand Hinduism

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According to the Thai Census of 2005, there are 52,631 Hindus living in Thailand, making up just 0.09% of the total population. They mainly reside in large cities, most prominently in Bangkok.

Thailand Sikhism

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The Sikhs are also concentrated mainly in Bangkok, which is the truly center of Sikh immigrants. Divided into two religious sects, they worship at two different temples.

Thailand Judaism

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Judaism is probably the religion with smallest population in Thailand. The first imprint of Jewish practitioners in the kingdom can be traced back from the 1800s; most of them came as merchants traveling throughout the East.

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